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Linguafun has been designed, tried and tested by KS2 MFL teachers, following years of research and practical application within primary schools.

It has been specifically designed to meet the needs of both, the specialist and the non-specialist teacher and it can be used as a whole class teaching resource, using an IWB or projector, or individually/pairs in the ICT suite. Fully integrated high quality audio files introduce vocabulary and sentences clearly, using native speakers.

We are fully committed to supporting schools, saving teachers preparation time and helping develop pupils' confidence and we aim to offer a wide variety of engaging and stimulating activities, covering the New QCA Scheme of Work for MFL at KS2.

Linguafun is constantly expanding and it currently offers over 8,000 interactive activities, stories, songs, rhymes, quizzes and thousands of printable resources: worksheets, flashcards, pair games, board games, certificates and more, covering French, Spanish, German, Italian, English, British Sign Language and Latin. In addition, we also offer KS2 Maths and Science sections at no extra cost.

We hope you find this site useful and enjoyable.

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Tablet Users

If you are using a tablet to access Linguafun, please click the iPad/Tablet link.


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